Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rain rain - go away.....

I am done texturing the house. Yes sirree - I've swirled my last swirl, dabbed my last crow's foot, and will be covered in mud no more.

Well - until it's time to do the utility room. But other than THAT - I'm done. Now we just have to mask off the trim, tape and cover the floors and then Monty can paint.

The tile in the kitchen, utility room and entry way looks wonderful. I love it. The new french door looks pretty cool too.

No progress on the porches, as it's been too wet and muddy after the Not-So-Great Blizzard of 2007. I had hopes for later this week, but according to Intellicast, we have a 30% chance of wet crap tonight, 30% chance for wet crap tomorrow, and 50% chance of wet crap tomorrow night.


Maybe next week. Maybe next month. Maybe by my birthday......

In other news, J got a "Notice of Concern" for science. Seems he's acing his tests, but not turning in his daily work. We recently discovered that he is supposed to be bringing home a science folder every day. That he hasn't been bringing home. Apparently he loves doing the hands on stuff - up until they start doing .... paperwork. Like worksheets and other evil handouts.

The horror.

So - last night he brought brought home his science folder. But not his incomplete worksheets. OR his science book. In case you haven't guessed, organization is *not* his strong suit. And I have yet to figure out how to help him get *more* organized. If anyone has any bright ideas, please let me know. Soon. Before he manages to you know, actually FLUNK science - while acing all the tests?

Of course, I did manage to scar him for life this weekend. After spending the day Sunday finishing up the ceilings out at the house, I came home and wanted nothing more than to take a shower and get the sand and mud and gunk off of me before I went to the hockey game. I go into my bedroom.

MY bedroom. I disrobe. Because the door is shut and it's MY bedroom. I hear J and the dog outside my door. I say - because I'm a mom and all psychic like that - "Don't come in here!" And what does he do?

Pfft. Opens the door when I'm standing there wearin nothing but my panties.

I'm telling ya -

Scarred. For. Life.

At the very least, I'm betting he'll never be a boob man.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nationals and a house report...

(because I know both of y'all are dying to hear about the house....)

I hadn't posted anything in a while, but I did blog about Nationals here. I love Nationals. I just want to giggle like a goofy kid when I think about it being on tonight. I just hope I can keep from reading all the spoilers online before then.

The house - well - the kitchen tile is down, grouted and sealed, and looks spectacular. No - really - I'm not just saying that. It brightens up the entire kitchen. And the entry way (we were able to do the entry way in the same tile after all. Of course, we have 3 boxes of broken tile to return) It's awesome. After the Not-So-Great Blizzard of 2007, the "farm" is tres muddy and it's utterly impossible for the porch dude to come pour my porches. :-\ I continue to gently pray for sunshine. And warmer temperatures. And NO MORE RAIN FOR TWO MORE WEEKS!!! Then maybe we could get this thing DONE. If you are so moved, feel free to drop a prayer about that as well.

I'll be texturing and muddin' and swirlin' this weekend. Wish me much luck - because if I can get that all done this weekend, next week - M can start painting the house. And once we're all painted - porches or not - we can get my matching bedroom furniture delivered, as well as the new couch and loveseat that my beloved is ordering today.

Baby steps...it's all about baby steps....

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stock Show Day...

One of the advantages of my boys going to a small town school is that they have different holidays than the big city. (Ok - Lubbock is NOT a big city - but it's bigger than Ropes). This was a source of delight for my boys when they started school later than their friends, and when they got out of school earlier for the Christmas holidays. It was *not* a source of delight when they had to go back to school two days earlier than Lubbock did. Nor was it a source of delight when they had to go to school Monday while Mom got to stay home in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. (pfft. I spent the day working on the house. They got to go to school 2 hours late due to the ice storm. Whiners.)

Another advantage is "Stock Show Day" where my kids get out of school at noon today. Now - they don't have any animals to take to the stock show, but by golly - apparently there are enough kids at Ropes ISD that do so that EVERYONE gets to leave school! Woohoo!

Of course, Mom still has to work. So DAD gets to go pick 'em up and spend the day with his sons.

Heh Heh heh. I should feel envious. But I know that I will spend the entire weekend cooped up with the 3 of them when the Great Blizzard of 2007 hits Friday, so I'm cool with working today while Dad entertains the boys. Muahahahahahahahahahahaha......

House report - (because I know that the two people who stop by due to bizarre google searches are just DYING to hear how it's going....)

The hubs has finished caulking the corners and baseboards and where ever else he needed to caulk, so I have the greenlight to finish texturing the ceilings and walls. The sliding glass patio door was replaced Monday with my new fancy french doors with the mini-blinds between the glass - and we discovered that new fancy french doors made today are about 5 - 6 inches shorter than sliding glass doors installed in 1963. Goody! More sheetrock for me to texture. Good thing I'm so darn good at that, eh?

The tile guy has laid all the tile in the kitchen, utility room and in front of said new fancy french doors, and will be grouting it today. I can't wait to see it! Of course, the tile they gave us for the entry way is the wrong darn color, so we have to pick some other tile for the entry way. I have a feeling that I'll be doing that at lunch - trying to find something that Lowe's has in stock. It doesn't *have* to match the kitchen - although it would have been handy.

The porches are still mounds of frozen dirt because apparently you can't pour concrete when it's eleventy-million degrees below freezing. And that situation isn't looking to improve anytime soon. I will be sending up gentle prayers, in between really important ones (like for my mom-in-law, who is doing very well, and my kids' godfather, who is not doing quite so well, and Emma Grace, and Kelli - and wow - what an amazing miracle THAT was! ) asking for the good Lord to please let it warm up for a few days next week so they can pour my porches. Of course, he's so busy with the important stuff, he may just tell me no and to quit my whining because I'll get moved into my new house in His own good time. *sigh*

I would be out there today texturing, but classes started last week and I just can't justify taking off. So that's where we are, and that's where we'll be for the next week or so. I'm off to see how many new grad students we have - woohoo!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

And this is the post in which

I brag about how well I did texturing!

Yeah - yesterday was a bit gloomy at Casa de Digby. I was *so* discouraged and extra nervous about try to texture the ceilings and walls of the new house.

Then I got out to "the Farm" and M informed me that the tile guy will start on our kitchen Friday (which has now been changed to Monday, but that's still cool).
And the cement guy will start framing my humongous porch on Monday.

THEN - I mixed me up some mud, rolled it on the ceiling, took my little whisk broom and made me some swirls. Yes ma'am - and they looked just darn near perfect. I so wish I had taken pictures so I could show everyone what a swirling ceiling mama I am!

(No. I am *not* being overly proud. Ok - maybe a little)

After that, I tried doing the texture on the walls and did a pretty decent job on THAT too!

I may have a whole new career future........

All in all, a great end to a day that started out like poo. In about 15 minutes I'm going to go see how it looks now that it's dried and plot when to do the rest.

And Monday - oh Monday! Monday the final steps before we move get started. Because after they do the porches, they can re-brick the house! And once the kitchen tile is done, and the house is textured and painted....

We can move!!!!!!

(And does it make me a super geek to be excited to discover that Owlhaven not only *read* my little blog, but even commented? Granted - it was about our mutual admiration for Rocks in my Dryer, but still! She's like - one of the *real* bloggers! I feel like one of the cool kids just walked by and said hi in junior high.

Yup. I'm a geek. Oh well.)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Post In Which...

I gripe about how I have no desire to do anything at my job. And just whine alot in general.

I used to love this job. I really did. And parts of me still do. But I would much rather work on the house. I need to move. I really really need to move. My kids need to be in their own rooms and and I need a house large enough to put all my stuff and not have boxes everywhere so it won't seem like a disaster area anymore.


Tonight I attempt to texture the ceilings. I've decided to start with the old master bedroom/going to be M's office. That way I have some practice on a ceiling that only M or I will see on a regular basis. Grandma had pretty circular swirls on her ceilings - and I'm going to attempt to replicate them. Apparently it's done with a straw broom. When I decided to keep the ceilings as is, I thought those swirls were so pretty and unique. Today - hours away from figuring out how to do them myself, I see them as a big ole pain in my rear area! Wish me luck - I'm going to need it.

I have nothing witty nor thoughtful or entertaining to blog about. I'm entirely too busy stressing about work and the house. Today is the first day of classes, I'm 2 months behind on reconciling my accounts, and instead of taking care of all those things, I'm blogging.

Yeah - that's me. Ms. Responsible!

Part of it is my frustration with my new "advisor" person - who seems incapable of thinking for herself some days. This morning, a faculty member didn't show up for class. So said person came to me and asked *me* to find him.

Ummm - excuse me? I'm YOUR boss. You go find him, I have blogging to do.

(kidding! really! I was actually going through my to do list for the day)

But seriously. She does seem to have a problem realizing that both she and the other clerical staff member work for me and she is *not* my equal. I know - it's petty - but sheesh. I can't run an office if one of the staff thinks she can tell me what to do. Nope - Mysti don't play that way.

Not the best way to start off my day. Especially after my 13-yr-old came in this morning and said "Mom - why do all the clocks say 7:19? Don't you usually get us up before then?"

Oops. So begins what is shaping up to be a stellar day. Overslept an hour, the coke came out of the machine hot this morning, and now I've got a staff member with attitude. Woohoo!

(I know why I'm cranky. I know exactly why I'm cranky. I haven't had a smoke since Saturday night. And while I didn't smoke all *that* much - just knowing that I'm not going to have one seems to be making me cranky. Heaven help my boys and hubby - they don't even realize I've quit because I didn't want to make a big deal out of it - in case I change my mind again - and they probably think I've lost my ever lovin mind.)

Can I just go home now?