Friday, November 30, 2007

When Contacts Attack

One of the unexpected benefits of living out in the boonies is the drive home after work. Not only does it give me 30 minutes a day - by myself no less - to listen to the Backstreet Boys to my heart's content, but I also get to watch the sun set every day.

I had forgotten how stunning a West Texas sunset can be.

In the last month, I have had my breath taken away so many times as the sky glowed with all the muted colors you could imagine. It has become a highlight of my day. Yesterday I had to stop at the store and pick up milk on the way home, and missed the sunset. I could not believe how disappointed I was.

Next time the kids can just wait another day for milk.

Yesterday morning while putting my contacts in, I discovered that at some point I had somehow switched the caps on my lens case. So for who knows how long I've been seeing out of the wrong eyes. I wear gas permeable lenses (as I am as blind as Mr. Magoo and soft contacts simply do not correct my vision enough for me to see clearly. And not seeing clearly would interfere with all kinds of things. Like seeing sunsets. And you know - driving.) so you think I would have noticed sooner.

At least now I know why I've looked like an extra from 28 Weeks Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Alas - I have nothing else interesting to post. Other than I have no idea what to get my husband for Christmas. Every time he wants something, he just buys it. (After comparing prices from a gazillion places and then buying it used somewhere. Ah - the life of a wife of the thrifty man) So I'm stumped. If anyone knows of a good gift for a man who loves hunting, fishing, and giving me a hard time, for heaven's sake - leave a comment.

(And if you have any idea where I might find a Wii console without paying eleventy billion dollars on ebay - drop me a line. Because we didn't come up with the brilliant idea to buy one until THANKSGIVING and as you all know - the US is sold out.)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sports, Band and Trees - Oh My

Let me begin by just stating - I am a sports fan. Even more - I am a hockey fan. I completely understand how a person can get caught up in a game and lose perspective.

But you would think parents would be able to behave better.

Last night, E had his 2nd basketball game. We played at home. We played a team from a prep school nearby, and we were obviously playing their A team. E, since he did not play last year, is on the B team for Hicksville Middle School. The team they were playing was very good. They came out to rousing start and quickly managed to lead by over 20 points. Their kids made fancy jump shots from all over. They had fancy passing patterns and executed them flawlessly. And the parents were very enthusiastic in their support of their kids. I have no objections to that. Truly I don't.

I do have objections to those parents taking up the home section of the stands. We have a very nice visitor's section. I fail to see why the parents couldn't do all their whoopin' and hollerin' from that section, instead of insisting upon sitting in our section and being obnoxious.

Not only that, but if you're going to sit in the home team's section of the stands, and make a spectacle of yourselves when your team is winning, do not get annoyed when our little ole B team manages to come back in the 4th and WIN the game, ok? I mean really - if you can whoop and holler, so can we. And we're hicks - so we're *expected* to act that way. You people are the ones who send your hot shot kids to a fancy prep school - show some class already!

This concludes my fan rant.

In other news, the mom-in-law is doing great. She is scheduled to have a PET scan, and we are cautiously optimistic that the scan will come back clear. For the one or two folks that read my silly ole blog, please continue to keep her in your prayers.

E's football season ended with him scoring a few extra points, and the team winning district overall. The high school team made the playoffs, and won the Bi-District title, but then lost last week. It was still an awesome year for them. The band qualified for the area competition, but failed to make the state competition. We are still very proud of how well they did this year as well.

J is having a rougher year as a middle schooler. He just doesn't see the point of not only doing his homework, but turning it in. Consequently, he has been grounded until those grades come up. *sigh* It would be one thing if he just didn't get the material - but he aces his tests. He just doesn't like homework. He's also been branded "weird" by the oh-so-knowledgeable 6th grade girl club. J has always been an individual, with a highly active imagination. Apparently that's not appreciated by middle schoolers out here. If anyone has any advice on how to comfort a sensitive, kind 12 yr old boy who thinks "any girl would be crazy to like me," I'd sure appreciate it.

The days are getting cooler out in the boonies, and the nights even colder. My beautiful ceramic tile in the kitchen is pretty darn cold in the mornings, so I picked up some slippers at Target during the big ole Black Friday sale. My boys (all 3 of them) are pretty amused to see me padding around the house rockin my new cheetah print slippers and red fleece with snowmen robe. Pfft. *I* like 'em. And they're warm. So there.

The tree is up, although I forgot to put the garland on before I put all the ornaments on. It's still pretty. I've been hanging fake pine garlands all over the place where I can - oddly enough, lengths that were perfect for my old house seem kinda short in this one. I'm making do. I may give in and buy a couple of new ones. But until then, I'm just having fun finding new places for all my Christmas stuff. I've started my Christmas shopping, and I'm *hoping* that I'll be done before the middle of December. Yeah - I know, but we all gotta have dreams, right?

We have planted more trees on our land, and just ordered a ton more from the Soil & Water conservation people. Someday we'll have a windbreak. Until then, the porch will be deserted until spring arrives. I'll miss watching the sunsets.

Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.