Friday, October 10, 2014

The Digby's Take Houston

So. Here we are in Houston. We have visited with the clinical trial folks, and they don't think I'm strong enough to be on a trial. Most of that is probably due to my lungs not working well these days. They are also sending me to another lung doctor, as well as a nutritionist doc.

Since clinical trials are currently off the table, I also saw the same doc I saw last year at MD Anderson. The last couple of months, my oncologist at home has been telling me that she can feel nodules during my physical exam, which coupled with my CA-125 had her convinced my cancer was not responding to treatment. When I saw Dr Coleman, he did not feel anything. Neither did his PA. Considering last year he didn't have any problem feeling a mass there, it makes me feel like maybe things aren't as dire as we thought.

Needless to say, my doc here had me go for new scans since there was some weird mix up and none of my scans or records for the last year made it here. We brought the report from the chest CT, but apparently it wasn't very detailed (I believe the doc's comment was "well that tells me nothing")  - I'm hoping that will tell us one way or another.

All of that just to explain that we have a plan (which is almost exactly what my doc at home wanted to put me on) but the doc here at MDA will be making the recommendations. And we are going to see about going back to my old treatment center. The folks at the new one seem very nice, but I'm just not comfortable there. I miss Arrington and how it worked. So when we get back home we are going to get that arranged.

Yes - that also means I'll be going back to my original oncologist, but coming down here on a regular basis. I really did like Dr H, but I'm not sure I have confidence in her after seeing Dr C down here. Not only was he sure he didn't feel any nodules, but he was also concerned how quickly we had switched from chemo to chemo. He said that you shouldn't base treatment decisions on just the CA-125.  Some of those drugs might have been working. *sigh*

Yikes. This is getting seriously long. Sorry about that.

So anyhoo - we still here in Houston while the boys hold down the fort at home. We are hoping to get to go home next Wednesday. I am ready. I miss my bed. I miss my house, my herd, my garden, my chickens - an oxygen set-up that I don't have to lug around.

It's the little things.

This morning the hubs is running errands and I'm lying in bed like Lady Mary snacking on Rosemary and Garlic Triscuits. We are supposed to have dinner with the hubs' cousin and family tonight, and with a couple of my awesome alumni and their awesome wives on Sunday. This afternoon we have to go buy me some clothes because for some odd reason I brought 5 pairs of britches and only 3 tops. (Yeah - don't ask - my mind wasn't working - none of the shirts will go with a couple of britches either. ) Maybe tomorrow we'll go to a movie. It's just taking it day by day.

As usual.

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