Monday, June 01, 2009

Living the Hicksville Life

Life in Hicksville has been hectic lately. What with all the planting, weed pulling, watering and glaring.

Glaring? Yes - we have been glaring. For the last two years, since we moved to the boonies, we have enjoyed the distance between us and our nearest neighbors who were a good 15 acres away from us. At least until someone purchased the property between us.

Since then, our new neighbors ( let's call them Jethro and Ellie Mae, shall we?) have

a) let their 3 big dogs roam free - free to dig up and destroy my compost heap. Our sand heap. Our gutter that we hadn't put up yet.

b) when informed that the folks to the north of them free range their chickens, and letting their dog roam wild might not be appreciated, Jethro replied "Heh huh - guess they won't be free range for long!"

c) put up a pole light 200 feet from my front porch. Directly across from my bedroom window.

d) are now building one of those cheaply built homes about 6 feet off the property line - directly across from my front porch.

I know - I'm being petty. But for pete's sake. Control your dogs. And don't be a tool if you're *not* going to control them. I'm just waiting for someone to take a shot at those dogs because they were going after someone chickens.

Speaking of chickens, we borrowed an incubator and put in 24 eggs and have one cute little baby chick to show for it. We are such amateurs. We actually had two hatch, but the hubby forgot to read all of the incubator directions and took one out of the incubator too soon - and died. Our little chickie is very cute, and is pecking and cheeping very well. I went to look online to see if we could get some buddies shipped in for him (since we apparently suck at this incubatin thing) and found this:

Barbecue Special

That's so wrong. FUNNY - but wrong.

E made it through his first year of high school, and survived. Now both boys are out of school and looking forward to sleeping late and surfing the internet and watching TV all day.

Ha. Like that's gonna happen.

The hubs and I have already started our summer to-do list. Starting with "Build a Chicken Coop for Chickie."


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  1. Wow, Jethro sounds like a jewel of a neighbor!