Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Cassidy Trifecta

As a child, like so many in the US, I thought the two Davids were just DREAMY. You know which Davids.
David Cassidy

and Davy Jones.

As I grew older, another Cassidy caught my eye.

That would be the sublime Shaun Cassidy.

(oh shut up. I'm telling ya - back when I was 12 - 14, Shaun Cassidy was HAWT.)

Alas, as I grew older, my love for Shaun faded as I met boys my own age that lived in the same town and were all "Dude - why do you have that dork on your walls anyway?"

Pfft. Philistines.

Why all this nostalgia? Because last night I discovered quite by accident that Shaun was not the hottest Cassidy brother after all. No - that title goes to one of his little brothers.


That's Patrick. Take a little David, a little Shaun, toss in a lot of Jack (that would their dad) and dayum.

That's a whole lotta hot for one family.

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