Friday, July 22, 2011

I Believe...

Holy Mama just wrote a great post on what she believes. Because I believe in swiping other people’s genius when stumped for something to blog…here’s my own list. (Feel free to imagine Larry the Cable guy narrating if you will – heaven knows I did)

I believe that if you have a job, you are expected to come to work every day unless you’re hurling, bleeding or unconscious. Do not call in with a headache, or “female issues.” We all know you just don’t want to work today. And that irks the rest of us.

I believe that there is nothing as satisfying as a freshly weeded section of your garden.

I believe that front porches should be mandatory – as well as porch time. I think that if more people took the time to sit on their porch of an evening and just let themselves be – we’d all be happier.

I believe in telling the people you love “I love you” every time you talk to them on the phone – even if rotten teenagers won’t say it back.

I believe that while parents shouldn’t *flaunt* their active ‘marital life’ in front of their kids – they shouldn’t pretend it doesn’t exist. We should never give our kids the impression that once they are married the fun stuff stops. Pfft on that buster. An active marital life is healthy – and we should make sure our kids know that. (In a non-icky way of course.)

I believe in the right to bear arms. I don’t believe in the right to own a machine gun.

I believe in capital punishment.

I believe in a woman’s right to choose. Not my body, not my choice.

I believe we cannot throw away those who are on hard times.

I believe there should be time limits on welfare. It’s supposed to help them out, not be a way of life.

I believe there is not a political party in this country that encompasses my beliefs, which is why I rarely engage in political discussions. Because I think they’re all wrong.

I believe political discussions are a big ole waste of time anyway. No one wants to hear your point of view unless you agree with them so why engage?

I believe you can’t spoil a baby before six months. If they’re crying, pick ‘em up and love on ‘em. Babies need to be nurtured, and trust me – it won’t be just the baby that benefits.

I believe in hugs.

I believe that friends make life richer in so many ways. I cannot imagine life without my girlfriends.

I believe EVERYONE should laugh hard every day.

I believe Satan came up with gray hair. Bastard.

I believe I should have a pool. Unfortunately, my husband believes pools are a PITA, and he won that battle.

I believe having a dog makes everyone’s life better.

I also believe that having a kitty would make life better as well, but my husband won that battle too. Hmph.

I believe that reading is as necessary as food to some people – including myself. Therefore I insist on having time to just sit and read every day, even if it’s just 30 minutes.

I believe I could sit here and type up tons of other stuff, but let’s face it – I’m about to get all self-indulgent with this post, so I think I’ll just stop here and ask – what do you believe?


  1. LOVE it! I'm a big front porch sitter, too. the sky here is REALLY amazing, isn't it? I've been lying on a wicker love seat on my front porch (i'm sure the neighbors love this) and staring at the sky lately, trying to describe the color and failing.

    love the thoughts on gray hair. ha!

  2. I am so with you on the politics!! This is a great list of beliefs. Glad I popped over here from Holy Mama's blog.

  3. I stumbled upon this blog completely by accident. Holy Mama, I believe you should get yourself a kitty!
    I haven't heard the saying 'of an evening' in YEARS. I smiled. Growing up in East TX phrases like 'of a morning', 'fixin to', and 'ain't got no....' were part of everyday conversation. When I moved to Austin people would ask me to say certain words just because my accent amused them. After about a year I gave up trying to lose my accent. Now I'm proud of it! Yours truly is imminently cognizant of the grammatical parameters, we talk this way cause it's easy.