Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Finding my way back....

One of the things I've enjoyed most since discovering White Trash Mom
and Rocks In My Dryer, is reading the words of women who are moms (like me) and strong in their faith (not so much like me). I feel like my faith is strong, but I've drifted away. I love God - but I don't glorify him in my daily life like I feel I should. And reading the words of the women who participate in What Works for Me Wednesday on a regular basis, I feel...well - like I'm really missing something in my life. And it sorta inspires me to try to find my way back to that. To once again read my Bible every day. To actually study God's word and find ways to apply it to my life - and my family. And it makes me think. Boy does it ever! Try reading the Mom's for Modesty stuff - if that doesn't really get you thinking, nothing will. I have boys and it made me really think twice - about whether to allow them to wear tshirts with smart alec sayings on them, how I should teach them to react when they see a girl dressed immodestly, stuff that frankly, I hadn't really thought about. Is it any wonder that my boys have a problem being respectful when I let them wear - and buy them - tshirts with smarta** comments? Duh. No wonder, eh?

So I'm going to try more. To think more about what I teach my boys. To think more how I live my life on a daily basis. To see if I can glorify God as I go about my daily living. Or at least do better than I've been doing. And see if it changes me from the person I think I am - and how I'll deal with that.

Can't hurt, right? And it's got to help my boys in the long run. And that's what it's really all about - raising my boys right. And heaven knows God has shown himself to be there for me whenever I've needed him. When we were at our wits end trying to figure out where we were going to find brick, what did I do? I let go and let God. And he not only led us to a place that treated us as human beings - but also provided that the brick we picked out for the house be in stock! Do you know how rare that is now with the entire nation in the midst of a building boom? Trust me. VERY rare. See? God provides. And if he can be there for me, I should try harder to be there for him.

So that's my plan. Which is all well and good sitting here at my computer at lunch. We'll see how it holds up when I have to listen to my 11 yr old and 13 yr old fight about who'd turn it is to pick a show. (Wait a minute - E doesn't get to watch TV tonight after the remote fight last night...heh heh heh. Mama gets to watch tennis! Woohoo!) Y'all pray for me, ya hear?

And go check out WFMW - I've started planning my lunch hours on Wednesday around going through those links. I always find something I can use!

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