Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Reaching out....

I just noticed that Julie posted a comment on my 9/11 story. When I went to check out her blog (because I'm just nosy that way - besides! She noticed me! It's only polite to return the favor), I found this post about getting closer to God. Isn't it wild how when you're searching for something, God finds a way to lead you to just what you need? Here I am, searching for someway to feel God in my life again, and here is a post on how to do that - to draw closer to Him. Just what I needed.

I love it when little things like that happen.

Today my mother-in-law gets her catheter thingy put in so she can start her chemo on Friday. The Hubs and I hate that neither of us can be up there with her today - both of us because of work. But he's trying to get enough done at his current project so he can take off on Friday to be there for the chemo treatment. If anyone is reading, please pray for her to stay strong, and for the procedure today to be as pain-free and without complications as possible.

And I wore that pantsuit yesterday. Even the boots. Only this time, I had a little USA flag pin on the lapel. My feet were killing me by the end of the day, but I just told myself that my sore feet were nothing compared to what the families of the 9/11 victims were dealing with.

To completely change the subject - one of my hockey friends just informed me that the New York Islanders signed Rick DiPietro to a 15 year, $67 million contract. 15 years. What are those people thinking???? I know goalies have longer careers than the average hockey player, but still - 15 YEARS? It just boggles the mind.

We had another inch of rain yesterday, so the house project continues to move oh so slowly along. Boy - when the Lubbock mayor asked the citizens to pray for rain, did the Lord ever come through. Wonder if I can get them to pray for an end to it for a month or so??? I'd really really like to get moved before hockey season starts. Or gas goes back up. Ropes continues to be a blessing to my kids - J is getting the best grades ever, and E is starting to make friends. He really enjoyed playing in his first football game last Thursday. They would probably be able to have more after-school interaction with their friends there if we didn't live in Lubbock still - that's a long way to drive for a playdate, eh? Soon - just a few more weeks. I continue to pack boxes, and am convinced that I have yet to make a real dent in the contents of the house.

Wish me luck.

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