Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Celebration Now - Come On!

 (There's a party going on right here - a celebration to last throughout the year....Celebration time - come on!  - Kool & the Gang)

Today is a good day.

Wait - actually - today is a GREAT day.

This morning, my oncologist told me that my scans were clear.  There is no evidence of tumors in my pelvis, abdomen or chest.  Except for some remaining fluid around my left lung - I am cancer free.

Cancer free!!!!

When I started this journey last October, I had no doubt that one day I'd say those words.  What I didn't realize is how I would nearly burst into tears when I heard them.  Or that I would grit out the words "Yes yes yes!!!" when I heard them.  It was just like winning a competition.

Make no mistake.  I know I haven't won.  Not the war anyway.  Ovarian cancer is insidious - you can be in remission for YEARS and have a recurrence.  I'm realistic about that.  It wouldn't surprise me if I have a recurrence in the future.  I'm prepared for that if it happens.  But I just won a battle.  A big freakin' battle.

And damn.  It feels AWESOME.

So - get out there and enjoy today.  I know I am.  While I still have that damn fluid to deal with, it's less.  I'm in "partial remission."  The chemo worked.  I'll most likely have another chemo treatment in a month - my platelets are very low and my oncologist wants to give my body some time to recover.  But for today - everything is rosy.

Take that cancer - you bastard.  I said you wouldn't beat me.  HA!!!

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