Saturday, May 04, 2013

Saturday Musings

Today, I made the brave decision to thin out my clothes.

You've been there - that moment when you realize it's time to let go of those pants you'll never squeeze your butt into again, that cute pink skirt set that is 10 years out of style, your period panties.

Oh come on.  We all have 'em.  And some part of us is looking forward to that day when we no longer need them.  For me, that day is now.  I have no more lady parts, so I have no need of period panties.  Boom - they're gone.  I also pulled out my big knockers bras.  It seems when you lose 25 pounds, you lose at least 5 pounds of that in your boobs.  Poof.  Gone.  So...I pulled them out of my bra drawer, but I put them into storage.  Because let's face it - I come from a long line of big boobed women, and it's entirely possible the boobs may be back.  And big knocker bras ain't cheap.

I'm still avoiding my tshirt drawer.  I have the hardest time getting rid of tshirts.  But I've got to do something about that drawer - I can barely close it now, and I just got a new Regionals track tshirt to wear.....

Ok - I have a problem.  And instead of dealing with it, I took a break to rest and discovered a Glee marathon on Oxygen and well....that tshirt drawer and the top of my closet just might have to wait until tomorrow.  You can't ask me to ignore a Glee marathon.

Tonight we're going to go celebrate a friend's birthday.  I'm trying to decide if I should take a few cokes to drink while I'm over there, or a couple of tea bags.  Since I don't know if I'll be on chemo again this coming week or not, no beer for me.  I miss beer.  I really miss those adult beverage pouches.  Stupid cancer.

Basically, for the most part I've just had what passes for a normal day around here.  And you know what?  Sometimes that's all I need.

Here's hoping you have a normal day today.

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